Study in Contrast.

Not only is Cate Blanchette absolutely gorgeous, I really can’t get over how amazing this photo is, and the others from her Vanity Fair spread shot by Annie Liebowitz.

I think what’s so captivating about this particular shot is all the contrasts involved. Color: the red of her dress and the various machine parts stands out starkly from the dark greenish-grey of the concrete. Line quality: the line of the dress and Cate’s curled hair vs the predominantly straight lines of the room. Weight: the floaty fabric of the dress vs the solid walls.

Plus, you have the composition (I want to know where she’s going!). And all the bits of red, plus the light at the upper left, shuttle the eye around and around and around.

Most of all, I want to find a red cape, dress up like Little Red Riding Hood, and go explore a forest. Wouldn’t it be fun to dress up like a fairy tale character every day?

Find the rest here.


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