Yes, another fashion blog.

This is my fourth fashion blog. Yes, my fourth. Of course, this time I’m determined to post regularly, and find the right balance between fashion and real life, inspiration and my actual wardrobe (and possibly outfit photos, gasp!), style and other assorted internet-related tidbits. It’s also an excuse for me to write, because write regularly I do not.

I cannot decide if fashion is srs bsns, or if it’s complete frippery, or if it’s actually just a game where those who’ve figured it out laugh at everyone who takes it so seriously. Maybe it’s a mix of all three.

I just added a photo of Uncle Karl to my inspiration board, with a speech bubble that says “DEMODE!!!”. Maybe he’ll help me figure it out.


One thought on “Yes, another fashion blog.

  1. Fashion is certainly a compelling art, and is powerful in that it’s the easiest to transport and demonstrate to other people. That fine line between seriousness and ridiculousness is also part of what makes it so compelling, and that refined flavor of near-irony is the taste we “hipsters” are all searching for, neh? I will be reading with interest, because if I haven’t let on yet, I find fashion fascinating as well.

    I heartily approve of the Emo Pirate. I still remember his birth and debut!

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