New Year’s Resolutions

I’m usually not one for huge resolutions over the year’s end. I discovered last summer that if you set out to do something, just do it. Don’t wait for the “perfect time” (it’ll never come), overthink it (you are intelligent enough to figure it out on the fly, I promise) or hesitate. I’m not saying you should jump into every endeavour without giving it some thought, but once you give the idea the green light, do it. Don’t wait.

I discovered this last summer when I decided to stop eating sugar and grains for a month. For months (or maybe even years), I had been tossing around the idea, reading books and talking to people about it. But I wasn’t sure that it would do my body any good, or at least enough good to be worth it (I love my carbs). I finally decided to give it a try, set a date and did it. The first couple days I was super-hungry and cranky, because I hadn’t thought of foods to make up for the carbs in my life, but once I got past the acclimatization, sailing was relatively smooth.

So while I don’t necessarily agree with setting an arbitrary start point to one’s resolutions, rather than letting them grow organically out of the contemplation process, I made a few anyway:

» Cut down on sugar again. Or cut it out completely. After my month this summer I started bingeing on desserts again, and I can tell it’s not good for my health. Veggies/Fruits > sugar.

» Clean my room. My room is messy. Embarrassingly so. I will clean it.

» Write a short story. While I love writing, I’m not very adept at finishing projects, so I have a myriad of short stories hanging around waiting for me to give them a conclusion. I will either finish one of my old stories or write a new one. And finish it.

» Be happy. Measurable goals are all well and good, but for this resolution I’m going to have to do a lot of thinking. Once I figure out what makes me happy, I resolve to start doing it.

» Use the phrase “Good day, sir” in everyday conversation. I go through catchphrases like crack, it’s true. Most of the time I somehow subliminally pick them up, but this time I want to be deliberate. I love how Brits finish a heated conversation with “Good day, sir” before storming away, and I want to imitate some of their awesome.

» Use my planner. I have a good memory, so I’ve gotten really slack about using a calendar or planner to keep track of dates. Consequently, a few things have slipped past me. This is no good. So I bought myself this absolutely gorgeous day planner, and will use it. I’ve already plugged in four weddings, imagine that!

What are your resolutions for ‘o9?


One thought on “New Year’s Resolutions

  1. I’m not usually one for New Year’s resolutions either — partly because I too agree that if you want to change/do something, do so immediately; partly because I felt no need to set grand goals & plans for myself — but I want to change that this year. I have some goals and resolutions written down somewhere in my diary. Once I fish it out and organize it, I’ll post it on LJ.

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