Surrender Dorothy

Surrender Dorothy

I love this photograph by Takis Bibelas. The Wizard of Oz is (of course!) a classic, and while I’m protective of the original, I really love to see variations on the theme. The whole modern-day-fairy-taleness of it is so enchanting. And the production and costume design of the movie are absolutely fabulous.

If I were ever voted president, my first act would be to declare that “Surrender Dorothy” could be the only phrase written in the sky, ever.


3 thoughts on “Surrender Dorothy

  1. Is Dorothy showing a little skin? Girl should have her priorities straight if somebody is sending public threats to her. She’s also too blond for Dorothy, in my opinion.

  2. @ The Clothes Horse: I was surprised to learn that when I read the book! It’s understandable why they changed the color for the movie though; red has so much more impact on screen.

    @ Ben: Yeah, she’s a little more glam than Dorothy. 😉

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