Hole in My Pocket

As much as I love fashion, sometimes it gets a little bit ridiculous. No, scratch that. Sometimes it gets a LOT ridiculous.

Take this photo. See that bag? It’s $55. That doesn’t seem too bad for a designer bag. Everyone needs a reusable grocery bag in her life, and the cost per use would eventually make the purchase worth it. Right?

Not so much. I own a bag very similar; it was purchased many years ago at a kitchen supply store to hold my dance shoes. It’s made of cotton, can stretch to hold a small child, and has lasted me 10 years. It also cost me under $10.

I have no problem with designers charging more money for bags that are worth more money: ones with clever design, better quality hardware, genuine leather, hand stitching. I even understand the markup for a designer name, and that will make people pay more for a “hot” purchase. But this is a shopping bag. Unless it’s made out of pure hair of a unicorn and knitted by the Queen of England herself, it’s not worth that kind of money.

For the record, you can buy natural string shopping bag for $5 on Amazon.com. Or DIY-types could make their own with a free pattern. But I wonder: how many poor saps actually bought the $55 bag?

» Photo from Fade to Blue @ Teen Vogue.com


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