In Pursuit of Perfume: Omnia Green Jade

Bvlgari’s Omnia Green Jade was one of the first fragrances I tried when I decided to get serious about finding a perfume for myself. I was first attracted to it because if its grassy notes–it smelled spring-like, fresh, and rather different from all the other perfumes I’d sniffed at that point. But once it was on my skin it turned harsh, like it had a Narcissa Malfoy-style bad attitude. It was really overbearing; perhaps it would do well with a lady with a far more forceful personality than mine.

One of the worst features was the bottle design. It was completely ridiculous. It’s impossible to hold it comfortably and work the spray nozzle at the same time. For an everyday perfume, I’m going to be spraying it quickly in the mornings while I’m dashing out the door. I don’t want to deal with an overly-fancy bottle. For the design alone, I wouldn’t buy the perfume.

» Breakdown: Spring Water, Green Mandarin, White Peony, Nasturtium, Pear Tree Flower, Jasmine Petals, Fresh Pistachio, White Woods, Musk.

» Does it pass the brother test? Nope.

» Verdict: Thumbs down.


2 thoughts on “In Pursuit of Perfume: Omnia Green Jade

  1. The bottle design is unique, but I agree, it doesn’t look practical at all. :/

    Hey, speaking of perfumes, I have one in mind that I’m curious to hear your thoughts on: Marc Jacobs by Marc Jacobs. It’s not as new as Daisy, but I like its scent. 🙂

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