Strawberry Fields

I recently discovered that my birthday, last Saturday, is the most depressing day of the year. Now, a day that produced such amazing ladies as Edith Wharton, Mischa Barton and Maria Tallcheif (a famous ballerina) can’t be all bad, but weather waits for no one. January, especially in the northern hemisphere, can be a very drab time– snow that’s only half melted, acres of brown, wilted vegetation, freezing temperatures and still two months ’til spring.

A great way for a pick-me-up come the last week in January? Leaf through last summer’s old magazines. I recently found a pile of Teen Vogue and Elle from last summer, and the bright, summery editorials put me in  a much better mindset. Except for the swimsuits…those look freezing!

‘Strawberry Fields’ from the June 2008 issue of Elle is the perfect antidote to winter cold. It features lush green plants, quirky pink stockings, a great red/green color combo (bonus points for not looking like a Christmas tree) and cheeky style.



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