Things I Love This Very Minute

» The video for Lily Allen’s new song, “The Fear.” The video itself is fun (she looks smashing as usual–that dress is absolutely adorable), and song is pure satire (one of my most favorite things).

» “Puppet” with Myf Shepherd from Numéro Korea January 09. I’m loving the over-the-top hair, the flower headdresses, the colors, and especially the makeup. Somehow it managed to hit a perfect balance of edgy and girly. Myf’s eyes are just haunting. You can find these and a few more photos at Capture the Castle.

» “The Final Countdown,” possibly the best 80s song ever recorded. I just realized it’s as old as me. And still awesome.

» Paper flowers. There’s something so enchanting about their beauty. I never thought anyone could improve on natural flowers, but the time and meticulous handcrafting that goes into these little works of art, plus the knowledge the artist must have of the original flowers, has completely changed my mind. The white headdresses are from Chanel’s recent couture show, and the colored ones are from a local shop, aNeMonE Paper Flowers. I’m so enamoured with the idea…I smell a DIY coming on.

» Theme parties! I’ve just been invited to a 1920s-themed murder mystery. A period clothing dress code will be enforced, so I spent way too much time last night researching the Roaring Twenties, from makeup to hair to the clothes (oh, the clothes!). I learned how to put my hair in a faux bob, how to do 20s-style makeup, and found a couple dress patterns straight from vintage fashion magazines. My favorite is made from lace and satin, and I think I can tackle it in an afternoon, so I’m heading off to buy fabric tomorrow. I might even tackle the cape!


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