In Pursuit of Perfume: Marc Jacobs says Marc Jacobs’ eponymous perfume is “lush and watery at once.” I think I understand this. (Does this mean I’m starting to understand perfume?!) The scent is not completely fleeting, but it’s not really ‘there’ either. It’s like smelling a ghost: one knows one just smelled something fairly pleasant, but it was gone before one had a chance to fully comprehend it.

I think, if I were to compare this perfume to a band…oh who are we kidding? Of course I’m going to compare this perfume with a band. Rock bands are traditionally made up of bass, guitar, drums and vocals. Many other instruments can be added for different effects or feels or instrumentation, but usually on top of the standard skeleton.  Occasionally, bands mess around with the basic formula: no singer, piano instead of guitar, no drums or bass. Sometimes (see: The White Stripes) musicians can get away with this. Other times, not so much–the music sounds adrift and aimless.

This perfume falls under the “not so much.” It smells like something nice (I really can’t remember what), but it doesn’t have an anchor, a grounding rod, something to fix it in the memory. It’s pleasant: that’s all.

And I’m really starting to think I don’t like musk.

» Breakdown: Gardenia, Wild Muguet, Skin Musk, Cedar, Ginger.

» Does it pass The Brother Test? “How old are you?” 23. “Do you want to smell like you’re 70?”

» Verdict: Meh. But it was worth trying for the conversation I had with a shoe salesman about Shakespeare and revenge tragedies.


One thought on “In Pursuit of Perfume: Marc Jacobs

  1. I feel the same way, I bought this perfume thinking it would be a good everyday go-to. But that was a sham!

    anyways love your blog, it’s pretty amusing!

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