Tasteless, Like Cardboard

Talking about some style critics, of course. I recently came across Style.com’s list of Awards Dresses We Liked Even Though The Critics Didn’t. It was really an interesting read, and I think I agree with most of what was written. Take Cameron Diaz’s dress, for example. While I would never wear it, the dress is pretty cool. I love the play with pattern and draping, and the color is fantastic.

I remember back in 2006 coming across photos of Kirsten Dunst in this rather stunning grey dress. A really simple silouette is a great thing, especially when done is such as stunningly clean color. With the unusual shape of the dress, coupled with the bold but restrained bird details, I can see why some people don’t like it. Yes, it is a bit schoolmarm, but in an alluring, and almost subversively sexy, way.

Carey Mulligan did the same kind of idea this year at the Berlin International Film Festival. Super-simple dress, hair up, minimal jewelry…but great color and perfect proportions. I love the austerity; it’s such a refreshing change from various plunging necklines and other decadence.

I suppose the Jane Eyre orphanage look isn’t for everyone, but a softer, more feminine version of the Jil Sander/Calvin Klein aesthetic definitely has its place. Some of us just can’t pull off what Tilda Swinton can, after all.

Also: People didn’t like Marion Cotillard’s Oscars dress? Really? It single-handedly made me want to paint fish scales over everything I own.

» Photo of Carey: ONTD.


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