Silver Shoes & Muumuus

I got the urge to go thrifting this weekend, and boy am I glad I went. It used to be that I had no luck in thrifting, but I’m learning that when I have the urge, I should go. Usually I’ll find something nifty.


This week I got a couple really good finds. There’s a quirky yellow structured handbag, vinyl but in beautiful condition. It’s obviously very old, the label is Berne, with a vintage zipper inside. The color is awesome, and just the ticket for spring. And then I bought a muumuu. I do not ever wear muumuus. But–this muumuu had the most beautiful floral print, I couldn’t let it out of my life. I’ve been looking for a sundress with a good floral print (I generally hate prints, and so finding one I like is momentous) , and this dress is so large that I think I can finangle a sundress out of it. I’m thinking something like this dress, which I tried on at Nordstrom last week but couldn’t justify buying. I’ll see what I end up with after a couple days sewing and a $7 thrift store find.

Beauty stuffs

It’s time to add some beauty to my life. I’ve been out of concealer for quite a while now, actually, and finally bought some new (hooray for sales!). I’m trying out Neutrogena Skin Soothing Undereye Corrector, and so far I like the brush applicator and the tingly feeling it has. Next up is Cover Girl Outlast Lipstain in Everbloom Kiss, which is waaaay brighter than I thought it would be, but still a really pretty pink. So far it’s stayed on through drinking tea, eating Chinese and multiple hours of shopping, so I’m happy. The main reason I rarely wear lipstick is my hatred for reapplying, so hopefully the lipstain will solve my woes. And then there’s a bottle of Savina neon red nailpolish, called “Charm,” pretty much an impulse buy at Nordstrom Rack when I bought my new…

Poetic License

Poetic License ‘Jeanie’ shoes! (Click on the photo to make it bigger.) I’ve been looking for shoes to wear to an upcoming wedding. My best friend from high school is getting married, and since I’m a bridesmaid, I decided it was high time for some new, rad shoes. Originally I was going for something edgier, like the BCBGirls Eslin in Tapioca (a kind of nude color), but they kinda made my feet look like horse’s hooves, which is never good. Anyway, these babies called my name, and not only were they at the Rack for $56, they were 35% off.

Lace & Satin

I’m gearing up to start on my 1926 dress, so a trip to the fabric store was in order (again, click the photo for a larger version). I bought some gorgeous silvery-grey crepe-back satin and cream colored lace with an adorable scalloped edge, plus some lining fabric for the slip underneath. I can’t wait to start constructing this dress!


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