Star Wars

Today I wore the most awesome Star Wars tee shirt in the history of ever. My mom bought it as a gift for me at Hot Topic about 4 years ago, and it’s been treasured in my wardrobe ever since. I love old cotton tee shirts, they get so soft the more you wash them.

Lately I’ve been trying to up the style quotient of my tees by wearing them with nice sweaters. This one I bought back when I was 13 (10 years ago!) at Wet Seal, and rediscovered in a recent closet cleanout. I swear the quality of Wet Seal clothing has declined since then–this sweater is woven from silk, nylon, angora and lamb’s wool, with mother of pearl buttons. It’s not quite as fuzzy as it used to be (it seriously looked like a halo when it was new), but it’s kept its shape nicely. I doubt you could find anything this nice in their stores today.


2 thoughts on “Outfitted

  1. Um, hi! You are wearing a Star Wars shirt, you like rides in the freaking TARDIS, and you win at fashion blogging! I’m so following you on bloglovin and I am SO linking you. Gosh. You’re awesome.

  2. I swear the quality of Wet Seal clothing has declined since then
    Alas, that goes for just about every shop/department store nowadays, and I heartily dislike it. But I suppose, in a culture where fashion trends change every few months, it would make sense for stores to not be so concerned about quality when folks are likely to throw things out the second a new fad comes along.

    Props to you for your Star Wars shirt. 😀

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