» Originality is such a tough concept to grapple with (it might be easier if we lived in 400 BC). Ambika posted a quote with an interesting take on the subject.

» Indie rock is the only way to go.  Dudes wearing short shorts will never be not funny.

» The Sartorialist once again proves to me that I would dress 5000 times better if I were a man. He is genius at finding people who play well with texture.

» I’m feeling rather démodé for not cooking with Quilted Chanel Butter. I must make a note to myself to pick up some the next time I’m at the market.

» I just stumbled upon this fabulous giveaway at Grosgrain. The coat is gorgeous–I love the details.

» My best friend from high school is getting married soon, and I’ve started reading wedding blogs to help her out. The ribbon embroidery on these Lela Rose dresses is just exsquisite.

» I never thought of doing a DIY out of old tee shirts. I definitely have enough of them to make something spectacular–all those old, shapeless tees that I know I’ll never want to throw out because they remind me of great times. This way I can keep the memories and get wear out of them.


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