Three Bullets

» The Baby Vamp Rings from Bittersweets New York.  Lately I’ve been really digging vampire-themed jewelry, but most of it is much too over-the-top with blood and campiness. This is just right, satisfying both my newly born love for ridiculous rings and my need for tasteful (is there such a thing?!) vampire accessories. There’s nothing like displaying one’s nerdiness in a subtle way, yeah?

» I just discovered Park & Cube, which has rocketed onto my list of favorite blogs, thanks to posts that get around to eventually talking about trees and  chronicles of dinner conversations about bulbasaur. Shini’s style is effortlessly tomboy-chic, and her DIYs are completely inspiring (I love the . Alexander Wang  studded bag idea, and her version of the Doo.Ri tights is pretty much awesome).

» I’m back in the real Washington (not that poser Washington DC; I’m such a West Coast snob) and have a few more days until the new quarter starts up, so semi-regular posts should start again. The East Coast was fun (Jefferson Memorial! Botticelli! Watching bullriding while drinking wine!) and since I stayed with my octogenarian great aunt and uncle, definitely a change of pace. I’m a loser at taking pictures, but I might upload a few in the next couple days.


Fashion Bloggers are Everywhere

Tavi, is that you?


[I am spring breaking this week and am away from my semi-regular blogging schedule. Posts to resume roundabout Wednesday when I get back from gallavanting about the Annapolis/DC area.]

Doctor Who, meet Dune

Looks like Angela Missoni was watching a little too much science fiction when she was designing this season. The Fourth Doctor’s scarf and the desert robes of the Fremen (from Frank Herbert’s Dune) are major pieces in Missoni FW 09. Hey, I’m not complaining– more science fiction for everybody!

What I Wish I Wore

If Only

It’s been one of those weeks with too much to do in too little time (I  should be working on a website proposal instead of blogging), and while I tend to dress up during those weeks, there are still outfits that I wish I could wear. This one combines the best of both worlds: the dress is soft and comfy, but the military jacket provides a tough exterior. It’s a hard/soft combo, one that I find myself gravitating toward when I’m ready to fall into bed but have to keep myself tough.