In Pursuit of Perfume: Dior Poison

I almost physically recoiled when I first put this one on. From the name and the almost dangerous looking bottle I knew I was in for a ride, but I was not expecting the “it burnsss usss” reaction from my nasal membranes. It’s definitely not a perfume for wallflowers: it has presence. But while it started out superstrong, the intense bitterness wore off after a while; it was almost powdery smelling at the end, like the tail end of cough syrup.

As for my own reaction, after the initial “eww get it offfff!” I kind of acclimated to it. I quickly realized that there is no reason perfume has to smell pretty or nice, just like clothes don’t necessarily have to be flattering or beautiful. Perfume, like clothes, can make a statement. Poison was so ridiculously different it was like I was wearing an inside joke. When it started to fade, I actually found myself liking it, in a kind of perverse way

After the initial run, I decided I wanted to try it again (it’s growing on me!). It’s not the kind of perfume you could wear every day– it’s too strong and too weird. I get a kind of perverse pleasure out of the way everybody recoils when they smell it. (It would be the perfect perfume to wear when you get dragged out to a night on the town against your will.)

» Breakdown: Orange blossom, honey, cinnamon, coriander, pepper, plum, rosewood, rose, tuberose, wild berries, cistus labdanum, carnation, jasmine, cedar, sandalwood, vetiver, musk, vanilla, heliotrope and opopanax.

» Does it pass The Brother Test? “Bad smell from my childhood.”

» Verdict: So mindbendingly wrong it’s almost right.


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