Scouting report

A new Forever 21 just opened in a mall near my house, and in an effort to find out what all the cool employees are wearing these days, I went to check it out (and do my best Sydney Bristow impression). Here’s what I found out:

» The staff consisted of two gay boys, a girl who went to the same high school as me, and lots of giggly high school girls.

» 75% of the employees couldn’t dress.

» 90% of the employees wore gladiator sandals.

» 50% of the employees were wearing some sort of legging.

» They did hire off the modelina norm: one girl had glasses, two girls were not ridiculously skinny.

» None of the visible employees were under 30.

» The manequin stylist was on crack (as in ruffled skirts layered over bubble dresses…yeah, I don’t get it either).

I did find some pretty awesome clothes and necklaces. There are scads of awesome layered chains and pearls and rhinestones, which are cheaper than you can make yourself. There are these rings that look like roses and bells (they remind me of the nursery rhyme where the lady has rings on her fingers and bells on her toes).

And there’s this pretty cool lace skirt, which I would snap up in a second if I had a job. It’s soft and romantic without sacrificing toughness.

So now I’m browsing on, and I really want this outfit now. I would even settle for going without the ridiculously expensive Alexander Wang bag. Ah, well. Maybe someday.

F21, yes?
F21, yes? by enna featuring Forever21

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