Tabs that are open in my browser right now


I have this really unfortunate habit of opening interesting websites in tabs, but never closing them. Over the course of a week I accumulate tabs that just keep piling up and up and up, my computer just keeps getting slower and slower and slower. So I thought I’d share.

» First up, we have a link to DIY leggings. I’ve been thinking more about the awesome muscle leggings idea I had, and kind of want to try some. If I can’t find some white leggings, I might make my own.

» Threadless tees! Why the guys’ section? I have no idea. But I love Threadless. I have two of their shirts, and was scouting for ideas for nifty tee shirt designs for a tee that may or may not ever materialize.

» A friend alerted me to the awesomeness that is whichgoose. Those headpieces are a-freaking-mazing. I absolutely adore the butterflies, but that could be my love of Alexander McQueen speaking.

» Rules for Time Travelers? I think so. Everybody should know these in the event they should stumble upon a tachyon anomaly.

» New Moon set pictures? Um. I am totally not a closet Twilight (lol)fan. Nope.  Negatory,  not at all. Move along, there’s nothing to see here.

» And more gratuitous hot guy pictures. I think this link means I officially have senioritis. (I kind of love Bradley Cooper though. He did such a good (and by good, of course, I mean ridiculously cheesy yet kind of amazing) job in Alias. Until he got killed or witness protectioned or whatever happened to his character.)

» Who else is glad So You Think You Can Dance is back? I love love love this show, and can’t wait for a new season of exquisite choreography, strong technique and brilliant performances.

» The last tab is blank. It’s loading–I can see the loading symbol going round and round and round. There’s no url, nothing on the page, just white space. I have no idea how it got there. Perhaps it’s a symbolic palatte cleanser.


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