» Jello packages have undergone a ridiculously adorable redesign. I adore they type treatment, and love the how it balances retro and relevant. [via Brand New.]

» I used to love the Fug Girls, but lately they’ve been Not Getting It. Case in point, Kirsten Dunst in Rodarte (with a lovely short version of The Boots) and Rihanna in Chris Kane. Perhaps this is when I realize I’ve been immersed in High Fashion so long I don’t realize when normal people miss the point?

» Advanced Style: proving, once again, that old people dress better than you.

» Witness this amazing typographic wedding invitation! See how it strikes the perfect balance between retro and modern! Much like the nwe Jello packaging! [via libertylondongirl]


Outfitted: 22 June 09


Today I decided to take my new skirt for a spin. I’m in that awkward stage after a purchase where I know it’s cute (why else would I have bought it?), but am not sure if it was truly  a good decision. Usually pieces that make it through this phase end up some of my favorites. I’m mostly not sure of the color–royal blue has never been one of my favorites.


I’m very glad I decided to wear a skirt: I walked right past a job lead, and looked good enough to request an application. I want/need a job so badddd.

Also: my backyard is so fecund. Note the ridiculously huge rhubarb.

Skirt: F21. Star Wars Shirt: Hot Topic. Sweater: Idk. Shoes: Payless.



I got sucked into the vortex of terror that is Forever 21 today. It’s just so easy to pop in claiming you’ll just look, but then you get charmed by a skirt that a/ is buffalo plaid, b/ has great details, c/ fits great and d/ has rockabilly potential (more on that later) that is just cheap enough to be tempting, and you’re done. No surrender, no retreat (thanks to F21’s “return” policy).

Because I feel a little guilty about spending money whilst unemployed, I have set myself a challenge. Since the skirt cost $18, the first 18 times I wear it, I have to style it in a different way. No doubling outfits, ever. It can be worn with the same articles of clothing, but the silhouette/look has to be different each time. Progress will be photographed and posted.


Have you ever come across something in a shop that you are compelled to purchase, no matter what? Those rare objects that have to be yours, no questions asked? Yeah, I didn’t even take a second look at this necklace before it was in my hands. This baby has my name written all over it (I loooove intricate jewelry), and it wasn’t going to take no for an answer. We are going to be very happy together.


Excuse me while I take a roadtrip to see my boy Patrick Wolf as an early graduation present.  I’d promise pics, but if I promise I know they won’t happen–we’ll see. And I still don’t know what to wear.

Happy friday, darlings!