Lest you think I’ve quit posting

I haven’t. Just not here. It’s complicated, but let me sum up.

I have a huge fear of forgetting things. It has followed me my whole life, resulting in boxes of old school papers still under my bed, stacks of old magazines and scraps of papers with nothing decipherable written on them my purse. On the internet, this phobia manifests itself in manymanymany tabs open in my browser at once, and a freakishly long scroll in my bookmarks. Lately, I’ve been trying to sum up this links in posts here, but that seems too clunky and needs more organization than I’m willing to give it.

So I turned to tumblr. It has become a semi-real time stream of links and quotes and photos I know I’ll want to remember someday, a sort of virtual inspiration board. I’m also trying to upload some of the more random photos I have saved on my hard drive that are just taking up space.

That’s all! Click, look, love.


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