Friday Style Guys: Dirty Harry

I find I get more outfit inspiration from guys than I do from girls. I’m not really sure what it is–maybe there’s less competition, maybe it’s easier to see the different components of the outfit. I do contend that if I were a guy, I’d be pretty dang well dressed. (But have no desire to dress in a masculine way. Weird, huh?)

So, in order to bring some more masculine style that’s not from The Sartorialist, I thought I’d do a profile on a different stylish guy each Friday (the day chosen because, yes, I love assonance just that much). And by “profile,” I mean I’ll blather on a little bit about what catches my attention, nothing scientific or incredibly deep.

We’ll start things off with Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry. Harry is the quintessential tough guy in a suit. He’s tough, he’s blunt, but he still manages to squeak by in civilized society (despite wearing work boots instead of dress shoes). He doesn’t forget such details as the patterned ties or that burgundy sweater. I love the contrast between his starched white shirt and the dirt that has accumulated on his lapels.

Mostly, it’s his attitude that makes the difference between Harry-the-normal-detective and Harry-the-badass. If he didn’t have such a hardness, or such swagger, he’d end up more like Alec Baldwin’s Jack Ryan, somebody a little more suit-y. It’s refreshing to see in action that it is one’s attitude that makes clothes what they are, and not the clothes themselves.


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