Apartment Love

Because really, we are all homemakers. It’s a sort of default position.
Many people aren’t particularly great at it, and live lives of discomfort
in barren spaces filled with soulless objects, but in the act of living
in a space, we are making it a home, either successfully or not….
Even Cleveland

Let me tell you right now: I’m grateful for my living arrangements. My roommate’s pretty cool and owns couches, there’s a kitchen with an actual working oven, and I can hang pretty much every poster I possess on the walls. I’m warm and dry, with a place to sleep and eat–basic necessities are covered.

Basic necessities? Yes. Do I feel at home? Not so much yet. If I had moved here from my last place, a house I shared with three roommates, the transition wouldn’t have been so weird. But last year I moved back with my parents to save money, and so I stayed in my old room. I love that room–it’s a product of the last many years of my life, all homey and confused and colorful. It’s one of those places I can relax in, where I can just be myself.

I recently stumbled upon Even Cleveland, where a post on homemaking really made me think twice about my new living space. I want to feel comfortable here, like I belong. My apartment needs to be a place I love. Since I have limited funds to make this happen, I turned to the internet for inspiration. There are some absolutely fantastic small spaces floating around out there–and the ones featured on Apartment Therapy are beautiful and inspiring (and functional!). I’m practically drooling all over the home tours. [Click a photo for a look at the entire home.]

I love love love the Japanese lanterns in the photo–I should break mine out and see what I can do with them.

The vibe of this room is so nice– chic and traditional, but still cozy. The framed map is a neat idea, too.

What can I say? I’m a sucker for Gothic arches, for dark wood, for random staircases. Now I just have to figure out how to install these architectural features in my apartment.

That couch just begs for a slow afternoon of reading and tea. Also a cat.



Open Auditions

Nor'easter Boots from Anthropologie

The Portland Winter production of Rain on a Leaf-Encrusted Sidewalk, with music and lyrics by the Polar Jet Stream and the Pacific Ocean.

Date: Starting yesterday.

Time: All day, every day.

Place: peoplewearclothes.wordpress.com

All those cast will be enrolled immediately in my wardrobe, for rotation 3-5 days per week.

Cast Description: 1 pair grey boots

Audition Particulars:

» Please be prepared to walk long distances. Flats preferred. Heels up to 3 inches may also be considered.

» Must be equipped to keep legs warm and dry. Candidates other than leather or another quality material need not apply.

» Ability to accommodate thick socks, leggings and slim jeans is required.

» Over 12″ shaft, please.

Callback Date: Immediately after trying on.

Performances: November 2009–April 2010. Possible guest appearances Summer 2010. May be rehired for Winter 2010-11.

For more information, email peoplewearclothes [at] gmail [dot] com.