Rodarte for Target!

If you’ve read this blog before, I’ve established that I admire the Rodarte sisters. They’re smart and have an interesting aesthetic, even though I wouldn’t wear most of the clothes because they’re, y’know, impractical. So when I heard about their line for Target, I was this close from setting up a “Rodarte for Target” google search as my homepage. Because a line for Target means two things: potential wearability, and the possibility that I’ll be able to afford something.

Well, NYMag somehow got their hands on the lookbook (I don’t believe it when they say it’s the entire thing–it’s missing the black lace halter dress and the nude lace dress that looks like a nightie, and I recall a lot more on the racks in the leaked preview material, and YES I AM OBSESSED, OKAY?), and I’m still excited. I’m considering this line my own personal reward for slogging through my first quarter of graduate school, which hasn’t been my favorite thing ever.

I don’t understand why they would decide to put in pieces like the denim jacket. I already have one that I got on sale at the Gap, and I’d rather buy one that I know is quality over one from Target, even if it has the Rodarte label. Target has a good price/quality ratio, but it’s not high enough for something that’s supposed to be as durable as a denim jacket. Although, the denim adds an element of toughness to all the lace and froth, and heaven forbid a designer make a collection these days that isn’t all about being edgy.

But questions aside, I am looking forward to seeing this in the store. I want to try on the frothy dresses and especially that blue tulle skirt. The tights are fun, and for some reason I really like the idea of nude-colored knee-high socks (maybe it has something to do with my short legs). The lace and sequins and fun of this collection outweigh nearly everything else. And I can’t wait!


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