McQueen in the Wild

It’s so cool to see one of my favorite McQueen dresses on a real person (although I think Ashley Olsen is so tiny she actually counts a Sprite or a Fairy–or maybe her sister is the Sprite and she’s the Fairy; I don’t know). She’s stunning. One of my favorite things about McQueen is that as fantastical as his designs get, they’re still wearable, at least on some level. Certainly it would take a woman who could pull off clothes with some level of drama, but McQueen clothes never reach the levels of ridiculosity that are reached by, say, Galliano.

But what’s even cooler is the fact that I recognize this dress. I’ve been tooling around these here fashion parts for about three years now, and can no longer claim newbie ignorance, but I still haven’t been able to grasp how people can look at a photo of a girl in a dress and say “Oh yeah, that’s Prada Spring ’02” or “That’s look 29 from the latest Marc Jacobs collection, duh.” Those people probably pore devoted over during fashion month, and siphon off every detail down to the makeup. Unfortunately (or not), I don’t have the attention span for that. I’m lucky if I make it through a few of my favorites– Prada, McQueen, Rodarte, Zac Posen, Ann Demeulemeester– and a couple of the buzzed-about designers of the season, and I tend to remember the theme and feel of the collection more than the specific details. I know that I’ll never be That Fashion Girl; my brain’s not built like that. But this, the fact that I recognize this dress (from the collection that got me into fashion, no less), means I’ve learned something; that I know, perhaps, more than I think. And that’s pretty neat.

At the very least, I know enough to wonder if Ashley could have pulled off a variation of the antlers that were shown with the dress, rather than the commenters over at Just Jared who are busy criticizing her choice of lipstick.

So, dear reader, when did you first realize you’ve arrived in the fashion world?