Lotus Boot

I have this thing for L.A.M.B shoes. I don’t know how much input Gwen Stefani puts into their design, but whoever does the work…all the shoes are an awesome combination of angular and feminine, of weird and wearable. Each design has a twist, and that little somethin’-somethin’ keeps me coming back for more.

The Velisa pump is no exception. The basic design is fairly standard, an Oxford bootie, but it’s vamped-up with the addition of the platform and the gold insert on the heel. But that’s not enough–then there are the triple laces in a space where one lace would do. Makes the shoes downright weird. Creepy, even.

Creepy enough to resemble–oh, maybe a lotus pod.

Or maybe the eyes of a giant hairy spider. But trust me, spiders give me the willies too much to inflict them on my very own blog. Eugh.

Come to think of it, the triple laces could very well be an homage to another pair of triple-laced boots–the ones by Ann Demeulemeester a couple seasons ago. This pair echoes the triple laces, but transmogrifies the shape into an ankle length instead of knee; the overall feel is more glam than tough. It’s a nice transition without becoming a total ripoff. (Although apparently L.A.M.B. did the ripoff too, sad.)

Any way you look at it, these shoes don’t fit the image of a “nice, normal girl.” Depending on how they’re styled, they could subvert an otherwise standard outfit, or boldly proclaim that the wearer is into fashion or some other alternative subculture. They could either melt into opaque black tights, echo grommets or other such hardware elsewhere in an outfit, or play off striped knee-socks. And depending on what kind of wardrobe they’re a part of, maybe all three.

ยป Valisa Pumps at Zappos; Lotus from flickr.