Editorial: Seabreeze

Because I could really use one, a sea breeze. And Meg is bugging me to start posting here again. And it’s too hot to sleep. ¶ I love a little fashion escapism, but sometimes I just need concrete examples of what’s good to wear. Mila Jovovich wears clothes well, so she’s a perfect choice for this kind of editorial. ¶ Now I find myself wishing the beach were closer!

UK Vogue
April 2007
Photographer: Carter Smith
Model: Mila Jovovich


2 thoughts on “Editorial: Seabreeze

  1. Yaayyy, an update! 😀 Exciting. I love that first picture of Mila; so great. I kind of wish Portland was on the coast so I could get away with wearing stuff like that on such hot days like today. Although… I’m pretty sure it would still be awkward. Sigh. ANYWAY, yay!

  2. Ugh, I only wish the weather here was warm enough to wear just a t-shirt! Much less a swim suit. -_-

    Anyway, thanks for the lovely editorial!

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