What do you want? (Shoes, duh.)

In my world, everything leads back to Babylon 5.

Babylon 5 is one of the best science fiction shows ever created. It was the first (along with SeaQuest in 1993) to use purely digital special effects on television, has great characters (both personality and character design), and broke the “monster of the week” mold to write the story of both the human race and an awesome space station. There’s telepaths, prophecies, romance, time travel and epic battles. Also King Arthur. You should watch it.

I tend to ascribe more influence to B5 than perhaps it merits, especially in non-television realms, but these shoes by Anastasia Radevich are the shoe form of an alien race in the B5-verse: the Shadows.

Alien Shoes

It’s all there–the stars and space, the intricate design, almost spider-like design, the impossible-seeming “organic” technology. There’s even a feeling of anti-gravity since the soles aren’t resting on the ground. These guys would make a great addition to a scifi-inspired outfit.

All 5 season of Babylon 5 are available streaming on Netflix. Go watch–this blog will still be here when you come back.

(via The Shoe Girl via Susie Bubble and Luxirare)

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