Open Auditions

Nor'easter Boots from Anthropologie

The Portland Winter production of Rain on a Leaf-Encrusted Sidewalk, with music and lyrics by the Polar Jet Stream and the Pacific Ocean.

Date: Starting yesterday.

Time: All day, every day.


All those cast will be enrolled immediately in my wardrobe, for rotation 3-5 days per week.

Cast Description: 1 pair grey boots

Audition Particulars:

» Please be prepared to walk long distances. Flats preferred. Heels up to 3 inches may also be considered.

» Must be equipped to keep legs warm and dry. Candidates other than leather or another quality material need not apply.

» Ability to accommodate thick socks, leggings and slim jeans is required.

» Over 12″ shaft, please.

Callback Date: Immediately after trying on.

Performances: November 2009–April 2010. Possible guest appearances Summer 2010. May be rehired for Winter 2010-11.

For more information, email peoplewearclothes [at] gmail [dot] com.


Nastia for Max Azria

I love it when designers choose to use gymnasts, athletes or dancers to show off their clothes instead of models. Athletes seem to be much more in tune with their bodies, and the sense of movement that emanates into the clothes is pretty cool. And, athletes can often pull off more and diverse poses. Sometimes when models try to dance, they fail spectacularly (as demonstrated by this editorial).

These photos of Nastia Liukin for Max Azria SS09 really show how awesome clothes can be. I love the fluidity of her movements (so weightless!), and how that’s echoed in her hair and the grecian feel of the clothes. I love how the photographer captured the fabric in motion; it’s almost like seeing the clothes in person.