Editorial: Seabreeze

Because I could really use one, a sea breeze. And Meg is bugging me to start posting here again. And it’s too hot to sleep. ¶ I love a little fashion escapism, but sometimes I just need concrete examples of what’s good to wear. Mila Jovovich wears clothes well, so she’s a perfect choice for this kind of editorial. ¶ Now I find myself wishing the beach were closer!

UK Vogue
April 2007
Photographer: Carter Smith
Model: Mila Jovovich


Internet Currency

I haven’t thought about Salad Fingers in years. Salad Fingers likes to caress rusty spoons, and is documented in a series of videos about his surreal (and frankly, horrifying) adventures. Back in the day, I would quote it to my friends all the time–I could even imitate the voice pretty well. The original flash videos are some of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen–right up there with William Faulker’s “A Rose for Emily” and the end of The Silence of the Lambs.

Imagine my surprise when Queen Michelle posted an editorial called “I Like It When the Red Water Comes Out” last week. I did a double take–the quote, the giant hands, the creepy vibes–is that really from Salad Fingers, or am I just not keeping up with Kids These Days? So I trotted on over to fat-pie.com to rewatch old episodes, and yup, the red water makes an appearance in the second episode.

Queen Michelle had posted stills, but I discovered that the original editorial was animated. What a great idea for an online magazine, yeah? I think it works especially well for a Salad Fingers-themed shoot too, because intermittent animation adds an extra layer of creepiness to the editorial. But the greatest thing is that the editorial embodies all of the surrealism and ghastliness of the original movies –even down to my visceral reaction (What? I like to creep myself out. There’s a reason I like Faulker!).

Brilliant idea, brilliant execution. This editorial makes me excited to see what else online fashion magazines can do. I’d love to see other fashion editorials based on internet phenomenon– We Love the Moon or All Your Base or The Ultimate Showdown or The End of the World or… I’m going to stop now.

FYI: If you want to watch Salad Fingers, I recommend doing it in the daylight, especially if you’re easily disturbed. Friends don’t let friends unintentionally give themselves nightmares.

Things I Love This Very Minute

» The video for Lily Allen’s new song, “The Fear.” The video itself is fun (she looks smashing as usual–that dress is absolutely adorable), and song is pure satire (one of my most favorite things).

» “Puppet” with Myf Shepherd from Numéro Korea January 09. I’m loving the over-the-top hair, the flower headdresses, the colors, and especially the makeup. Somehow it managed to hit a perfect balance of edgy and girly. Myf’s eyes are just haunting. You can find these and a few more photos at Capture the Castle.

» “The Final Countdown,” possibly the best 80s song ever recorded. I just realized it’s as old as me. And still awesome.

» Paper flowers. There’s something so enchanting about their beauty. I never thought anyone could improve on natural flowers, but the time and meticulous handcrafting that goes into these little works of art, plus the knowledge the artist must have of the original flowers, has completely changed my mind. The white headdresses are from Chanel’s recent couture show, and the colored ones are from a local shop, aNeMonE Paper Flowers. I’m so enamoured with the idea…I smell a DIY coming on.

» Theme parties! I’ve just been invited to a 1920s-themed murder mystery. A period clothing dress code will be enforced, so I spent way too much time last night researching the Roaring Twenties, from makeup to hair to the clothes (oh, the clothes!). I learned how to put my hair in a faux bob, how to do 20s-style makeup, and found a couple dress patterns straight from vintage fashion magazines. My favorite is made from lace and satin, and I think I can tackle it in an afternoon, so I’m heading off to buy fabric tomorrow. I might even tackle the cape!

Strawberry Fields

I recently discovered that my birthday, last Saturday, is the most depressing day of the year. Now, a day that produced such amazing ladies as Edith Wharton, Mischa Barton and Maria Tallcheif (a famous ballerina) can’t be all bad, but weather waits for no one. January, especially in the northern hemisphere, can be a very drab time– snow that’s only half melted, acres of brown, wilted vegetation, freezing temperatures and still two months ’til spring.

A great way for a pick-me-up come the last week in January? Leaf through last summer’s old magazines. I recently found a pile of Teen Vogue and Elle from last summer, and the bright, summery editorials put me in  a much better mindset. Except for the swimsuits…those look freezing!

‘Strawberry Fields’ from the June 2008 issue of Elle is the perfect antidote to winter cold. It features lush green plants, quirky pink stockings, a great red/green color combo (bonus points for not looking like a Christmas tree) and cheeky style.


Surrender Dorothy

Surrender Dorothy

I love this photograph by Takis Bibelas. The Wizard of Oz is (of course!) a classic, and while I’m protective of the original, I really love to see variations on the theme. The whole modern-day-fairy-taleness of it is so enchanting. And the production and costume design of the movie are absolutely fabulous.

If I were ever voted president, my first act would be to declare that “Surrender Dorothy” could be the only phrase written in the sky, ever.