Outfitted: 21 September

This is an outfit dance party. I won’t tell you which band I’m listening to for fear of being branded deeply uncool (or even unhip, which is grounds for being exiled from Portland), and because I just read Tavi‘s profile in the New Yorker, I’m not feeling particularly cool or hip. Yay for having friends whose boyfriends buy them subscriptions to classy magazines?

I won’t lie and say Tavi hasn’t been an influence on this blog, because she has (she reminds me that writing on the internet doesn’t have to be perfect–it’s usually better when it’s not), but sometimes I look at the blogging market, and it seems like blogs are tending toward the image side of fashion (bloggers becoming spokesladies and models) instead of the criticism side of fashion (although Tavi has written for legit magazines…but who else? I guess Winona has done pretty well for herself.) I want to keep this blog up, and I sometimes want to put a lot of effort into it, but I’m not really sure why. It plagues me.

What would you like to see on this blog?

Outfit-wise, this is a version of what I’ve been wearing to work lately. Flats, so I can lug files around without killing myself, some sort of skirt because I only own two pairs of pants that fit, and sweaters that can toggle on or off depending on the psychotic air conditioning unit by my desk.

Sweater & Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft. Tee & Necklace: F21. Shoes: Payless. Bag: Lulu.


Outfitted: 22 June 09


Today I decided to take my new skirt for a spin. I’m in that awkward stage after a purchase where I know it’s cute (why else would I have bought it?), but am not sure if it was truly¬† a good decision. Usually pieces that make it through this phase end up some of my favorites. I’m mostly not sure of the color–royal blue has never been one of my favorites.


I’m very glad I decided to wear a skirt: I walked right past a job lead, and looked good enough to request an application. I want/need a job so badddd.

Also: my backyard is so fecund. Note the ridiculously huge rhubarb.

Skirt: F21. Star Wars Shirt: Hot Topic. Sweater: Idk. Shoes: Payless.

Outfitted: 20 Feb 09

So today I decided to dress up and silly photos*, even though the most important thing I had to do was go the to grocery store. I always get the urge to dress up when I have the most unimportant things to do, and never when I have school.

This skirt was a find at an after-Christmas sale at Ann Taylor Loft. Really! I never thought they would have cute, young clothes, but they exist if you dig. Usually I am not a big fan of prints, and not a big fan of ruffles, but togethere they make something amazing. (And very reminiscent of Luella this spring.) It’s too long and too big, but when I cinch in the waist the hemline rises too– like magic.

*I have had an overabundance of energy lately, and it is spilling out into my photos. Today I decided to apply for a job at the Ministry of Silly Walks.

Scarf: Nordstrom. Jacket: Express. Skirt: Ann Taylor Loft. Tights: DKNY. Shoes: Steve Madden.


Star Wars

Today I wore the most awesome Star Wars tee shirt in the history of ever. My mom bought it as a gift for me at Hot Topic about 4 years ago, and it’s been treasured in my wardrobe ever since. I love old cotton tee shirts, they get so soft the more you wash them.

Lately I’ve been trying to up the style quotient of my tees by wearing them with nice sweaters. This one I bought back when I was 13 (10 years ago!) at Wet Seal, and rediscovered in a recent closet cleanout. I swear the quality of Wet Seal clothing has declined since then–this sweater is woven from silk, nylon, angora and lamb’s wool, with mother of pearl buttons. It’s not quite as fuzzy as it used to be (it seriously looked like a halo when it was new), but it’s kept its shape nicely. I doubt you could find anything this nice in their stores today.



This has been my default outfit for the past couple weeks; when I can’t think of anything else to wear, out comes the grey striped shirt. It’s kind of a desaturated Where’s Waldo kind of look (I totally didn’t realize this until friends pointed it out!), but I like it. The hat gets lots of attention, I think because of the fuzzy pompom. Today I wore bright pink eyeshadow too, so I didn’t feel quite so dressed down.

Hat: Vera Wang for Kohl’s // Shirt: Gap // Jeans: Express // Chuck Taylors with checkerboard laces