Tie ’em Right

Try again, Stylist.

Dear designers and stylists of the world:

Is it really that hard to research the proper way to tie a pointe shoe*? I mean, if you’re going to reference ballet costumes so far as to actually purchase the shoes that professional ballet dancers wear, don’t you think you could at least GET IT RIGHT? Ballet is not, in fact, an obscure art.

Look, I even found you a reference photo from Wikipedia:

(via wikipedia. WIKIPEDIA!)


[Image via Tom & Lorenzo.com]

*No, it’s not. I found this fantastic tutorial in about 10 seconds. You’re welcome.


Saturday is a Rugby Day

I spent this morning with my roommate at her team’s rugby match. We both ended up sleeping late, so didn’t put much thought into what I wore, and ended up grabbing jeans, a shapeless grey tee shirt, my threadbare black hoodie and a red-plaid biker jacket. Though I put on some makeup and braided my hair with a feather headband, I didn’t feel my best.

It was a beautiful spring day, no matter that February just ended, and I ditched the jacket early on–but I didn’t feel comfortable running around in jeans and an old hoodie. Spring always makes me want to wear pretty dresses, put on my fanciest heels and just frolic. And besides, with all those hot rugby guys running around, I kinda want to look a little bit better than usual.

But a rugby game is not the place to bust out the Daphne Guinness-worthy platforms, or the latest metallic one-shoulder minidress. It’s impractical. Rugby pitches are muddy; you have to deal with all kinds of weather; and you have to look good holding a beer for the social afterward.

Rugby matches (or any non-professional sports event, really) seem to have a sort of unspoken dress code. Many of the spectators are also the athletes (most of the guys show up early for the girls’ game, and the girls stay to watch after), which means they’re wearing athletic tee shirts, spandex, muddy uniforms, lots of sweat. Most of the spectator dress for functionality: jeans, hoodies, NorthFace jackets. It’s not a hotbed of fashion consciousness.

So I put the little grey cells to the test and started putting together outfits that would be springlike, fun, comfortable and functional without being too overtly fashion-y or pretentious.

Rugby I

Rugby I by enna featuring GAP jackets

The first one is for a sunny day when all you want to do is run on the grass and spin. The dress is feminine, but it’s offset with Keds so you can easily dodge the ball or run down the sidelines to catch the action.

Rugby II

Rugby II by enna featuring Hunter boots

The second is for a rainy day, when boot are necessary because of the mud. Rugby pitches get muddy fast (my Converse are sill muddy from last week). A clear umbrella means you won’t block anybody else’s view of the match, and you can keep warm in driving gloves and a soft sweater.



I got sucked into the vortex of terror that is Forever 21 today. It’s just so easy to pop in claiming you’ll just look, but then you get charmed by a skirt that a/ is buffalo plaid, b/ has great details, c/ fits great and d/ has rockabilly potential (more on that later) that is just cheap enough to be tempting, and you’re done. No surrender, no retreat (thanks to F21’s “return” policy).

Because I feel a little guilty about spending money whilst unemployed, I have set myself a challenge. Since the skirt cost $18, the first 18 times I wear it, I have to style it in a different way. No doubling outfits, ever. It can be worn with the same articles of clothing, but the silhouette/look has to be different each time. Progress will be photographed and posted.


Have you ever come across something in a shop that you are compelled to purchase, no matter what? Those rare objects that have to be yours, no questions asked? Yeah, I didn’t even take a second look at this necklace before it was in my hands. This baby has my name written all over it (I loooove intricate jewelry), and it wasn’t going to take no for an answer. We are going to be very happy together.

Scouting report

A new Forever 21 just opened in a mall near my house, and in an effort to find out what all the cool employees are wearing these days, I went to check it out (and do my best Sydney Bristow impression). Here’s what I found out:

» The staff consisted of two gay boys, a girl who went to the same high school as me, and lots of giggly high school girls.

» 75% of the employees couldn’t dress.

» 90% of the employees wore gladiator sandals.

» 50% of the employees were wearing some sort of legging.

» They did hire off the modelina norm: one girl had glasses, two girls were not ridiculously skinny.

» None of the visible employees were under 30.

» The manequin stylist was on crack (as in ruffled skirts layered over bubble dresses…yeah, I don’t get it either).

I did find some pretty awesome clothes and necklaces. There are scads of awesome layered chains and pearls and rhinestones, which are cheaper than you can make yourself. There are these rings that look like roses and bells (they remind me of the nursery rhyme where the lady has rings on her fingers and bells on her toes).

And there’s this pretty cool lace skirt, which I would snap up in a second if I had a job. It’s soft and romantic without sacrificing toughness.

So now I’m browsing on Forever21.com, and I really want this outfit now. I would even settle for going without the ridiculously expensive Alexander Wang bag. Ah, well. Maybe someday.

F21, yes?
F21, yes? by enna featuring Forever21

What I Wish I Wore

If Only

It’s been one of those weeks with too much to do in too little time (I  should be working on a website proposal instead of blogging), and while I tend to dress up during those weeks, there are still outfits that I wish I could wear. This one combines the best of both worlds: the dress is soft and comfy, but the military jacket provides a tough exterior. It’s a hard/soft combo, one that I find myself gravitating toward when I’m ready to fall into bed but have to keep myself tough.

For a Feis

For a Feis

In honor of last week’s ridonculous shoes, which looked so much like shoes usually worn when Irish or Scottish dancing, I created this outfit. It’s based on traditional costumes for a feis, or dance competition. Of course, nobody would be able to dance very well in those heels (or maybe somebody could, who knows!), but it would be a fun outfit to wear anyway.

Plus it’s a good excuse to practice my styling muscles, which always need a stretch. [Note: That might be the most ridiculous comparison ever. Good day, sir.]