After That the Dark

Sunset and evening star,
And one clear call for me!
And may there be no moaning of the bar,
When I put out to sea,

But such a tide as moving seems asleep,
Too full for sound and foam,
When that which drew from out the boundless deep
Turns again home.

Twilight and evening bell,
And after that the dark!
And may there be no sadness of farewell,
When I embark;

For tho’ from out our bourne of Time and Place
The flood may bear me far,
I hope to see my Pilot face to face
When I have crossed the bar.

— “Crossing the Bar,” Alfred Lord Tennyson.




Guy Style: Usher

Let’s talk about Usher, shall we? I have had a giant crush on this man’s fashion sense ever since I came across this photo of him (from who knows when). Recently I realized that it is entirely his fault that I dig the plaid-shirt-and-suit combination. And don’t overlook the so-subtle-you-might-miss-it pocket square.

Rockin' the bow tie

Somehow I skipped the “I’m in love with Usher and his abs and his voice, omg” stage that a lot of girls my age went through (I’m not big into R&B, okay?), so I never much paid attention to him. But then he showed up at the Grammy awards wearing this:

Dude, this guy can dress. Two patterns, contrast buttons, piping and a light-colored suit, and he still looks more put together than 95% of the red carpet (Jay Manuel, I’m looking at you). I think it has a lot to do with the cut of his suit–it’s slim and fits him impeccably–but the colors really tie this look together. The white of the shirt is repeated in the piping on the suit. The blue of the tie relates to the blue in the plaid of the shirt, but also with the buttons, which themselves relate to the polka-dots on the tie and pocket square. It’s a neverending merry-go-round of sartorial awesome.

Usher proves that mixing patterns doesn’t have to look childlike or crazy (it’s all about the color palette). By adding bits of whimsy to his dress, Usher makes more formal articles of clothing (the bow tie, the three-piece suit, the pocket square) look more relaxed. Really, he gets the best of both worlds: the freedom to dress up as much as he wants without the drawback of looking too stuffy. Brilliant.

Photo: sauce.